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Jan 18, 2010

Seafood Angle Hair

Angle Hair 真的是很方便,省了煮的时间,而且更容易入味呢!我个人就很喜欢......yummy yummy 开餐咯。


  1. What is angle hair.Looks like yee mee.
    Oh, tks for passing me the award. Will post up when I've got the time.

  2. A lot of "Liew" and look yummy, can I have some? hehehe..

  3. Anncoo, angle hair is one kind of spaghetti too! It is very fine, just take 2 minutes to cook. Last time i also don't know the name, until Sonia told me.

    Sonia, sure...welcome, and don't forget bring some mango salad...hehehe...

  4. Wah, lots of seafood, thin angelhair suck up all the nice juices.....yum yum!


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